Brand Values of Quality, Efficiency and Innovation
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Employee life

Talent Strategy
Man is the precious asset of an enterprise. He possesses both virtue and talent, and is the guarantee for the survival and development of an enterprise. By establishing a scientific human resource management system, he can create a good working and living environment for talents, build or create a good career development space and platform, and provide more opportunities, favorable conditions and treatment for talents.
Talent Development
Shengzhou Yagor Wool Textile Co., Ltd. respects talents and accepts employees'different personalities and beliefs. The competition of enterprises is, in the final analysis, the competition of talents. Talents are the company's "first capital". Talent is the foundation of enterprise innovation and the core resource of enterprise. It is the key to the development of an enterprise to have enough talents and form the core driving force for the development of an enterprise. The company strives to do a good job in the introduction, employment, selection, training and use of talents.